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Covid Protocols

We ask that everyone who trains with us be vaccinated against Covid.

Masks are optional during training, UNLESS you have been travelling by airplane or ship. We request that anyone who's been on a plane or cruise, please wear a KN95 or surgical mask for the first 5 days after your return. We encourage testing after travel. If you can access a PCR test, that is preferred over a home test.


If you've been exposed to Covid, we request that you test yourself before returning to training. Again, a PCR test is preferred.


If you are feeling under the weather, sore throat, or have a fever, please do NOT train until you have recovered.

Current Schedule
Sundays 10:15am-12pm

Thursdays, 6-7:30pm





Wild Crane Rising (born of JLAG) believes in the power of fun and a cooperative spirit as part of training. We believe that being strong comes in all body types and ages. We believe that training is more than just exercise -- it is a way to become more grounded and cultivate power with presence. No previous training necessary, just heart and a positive  attitude. A little sass and mischievousness definitely necessary!

* We welcome all women, including individuals who are transgender, non-binary or self-identify as female. We aim to make our training spaces as accessible and inclusive as possible for our diverse community.


Watch Blaze's excellent flying sidekick in slo-mo.

Self defense training during a pandemic. Also ridiculously fun.


510-326-8853  |

3398 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703

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